"First of all, this testimonial is coming 6 months too late, because guess what? I have a 6-month old baby with no time to spare. And that’s just one of the reasons I was so glad to have used Fresh Roots Wellness service when I had my baby in May this year. You simply do not have the brain capacity to think about nutrition, let alone cook anything for yourself! But this is exactly what you desperately need as a new mother - nourishing, healing food to get you through the long days, sleepless nights and breastfeeding. Melanie’s knowledge of nutrition for the post-partum mom was invaluable to me after having my baby. She really knows exactly what you need, and the meals are so tasty. I looked forward to the individual servings, packaged up beautifully, every night. And it was such a relief to know that you were eating healthy, and nourishing yourself and your growing baby. Melanie pours her love and passion for nutrition into each delicious bite, and she is just a peach of a lady. Skip the baby blankets, this service would make the best baby shower gift!!"

"I really enjoyed working with Mel because she is approachable and realistic in recognizing the demands of my lifestyle being a working mother. She was a great listener during our intake session(s) and the nutrition plan and suggestions she made were "doable" in terms of using ingredients that are easily found at my local store and didn't require too much advance planning.  Her suggestions also got at the core of my issues (tiredness) and I have felt healthier and more energetic as a result of following her meal plans."

"I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid about a year ago and although I knew my eating contributed to bad episodes, I didn't know where to begin with making the changes.  I live outside the USA and Melanie made efforts to incorporate local produce and cultural meals into my diet.  I followed her advice carefully (minus a few cheat days) and saw significant changes in just two months.  I felt more energized and clear-headed which only motivated me to more to stay on track with good eating. The best thing about working with Melanie is the comfort she provides.  She understood my struggles and patiently encouraged me toward a healthier life.  She provided thorough explanations about what is happening to my body when I eat certain foods.  That knowledge has helped me maintain a nutritional lifestyle which haws made me happier and more productive on a daily basis.  I'm pleased to report, I have no symptoms of thyroid disease and I plan to keep it that way."  

 "Melanie listened to me and presented solutions for all of my health needs.  A refreshing dedication to my health and well being.  My experience with Melanie has been an absolute delight. She has a wonderful energy,  a world of knowledge, true dedication, and a genuine     heart. Melanie took time to understand my concerns and walked me through every step."

"Melanie was a wonderful volunteer nutrition instructor to work with during our Cooking Matters series.  In just six weeks, she was able to build strong personal connections with our class participants, meeting each class participant where they were at, listening to their needs and challenges, and working with them to develop attainable goals.  Each week, she provided motivation and support, while taking the time to laugh, share stories, and celebrate their achievements over a meal together."