Where To Start

Fresh Roots Wellness has several services to choose from.  There is no one approach, so I would love to discuss your needs.  For more information on pricing, please email me at

One-on-One Nutritional Counseling

Based on your health goals, I provide recommendations for nutritional support, lifestyle options, herbs and spices, and supplements to send you on your way to optimal health.  The number of sessions will vary by individual.  

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Meals

New mamas and mamas-to-be need critical nourishment and at times, this gets neglected due to lack of time and energy.   I work with women to develop delicious meal plans, and prepare and deliver these meals in easy to store and easy to heat packaging.  

Worksite Wellness Programs

Productive work requires an engaged and healthy workforce.  Food can provide the optimal brain function and energy that a healthy workforce needs.  I work with corporations to develop worksite wellness programs that incentivize employees to nourish themselves, at home and at work, and make positive lifestyle choices.  

Group Lectures

Why help one individual when I can help a group of people experiencing the same issues?  I speak to audiences on topics such as pre-natal and post-natal health, fertility, family health, and time-saving health tips for busy professionals.

Healthy Cooking Demos

For the food lovers in all of us - I take my nutrition teachings and apply them to lessons on how to cook flavorful, nutrient-dense dishes.

Shopping Trip

Healthy food shopping is overwhelming for some people.  I will accompany individuals or groups to identify pantry essentials, review nutrition label reading, and determine what is needed to stock up on nutrient-dense foods.  

Detox/Vitality Programs

Sometimes your body needs a break.  I work with individuals or groups to develop a real food-centric framework for detoxification and long-term vitality.  

Wellness Immersion Retreats

For the 360-degree holistic health experience, I partner with yoga teachers, chefs, and food artisans to create an immersive, educational experience.