What I Believe

Food is life and should be celebratory!  I'm not perfect, so I certainly don't expect you to be perfect - what we should strive for is balance - so that we can feel good inside and out.  

Everyone is unique and everyone has different starting points and end goals.  There is no single approach that I apply - all my recommendations are tailored to each individual.  Based on each person's health goals, I provide dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support health conditions and empower the client to make positive changes that they feel good about.  

I believe in keeping the goals attainable and approachable - the key is to make each person feel inspired to keep going, not to discourage.   

I will help individuals look at their current eating habits and lifestyle with no judgements and with fresh perspective.  

Education is critical to helping others understand what real health means - so with each recommendation is a 'why', a plain and simple explanation that will shed light on how all the systems in your body are connected.