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Melanie Manghinang is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and a graduate of Bauman College in Berkeley, CA.  

I started out on this journey as a food lover in the most traditional sense - I ate food and enjoyed it immensely.  From family dinners to nights out at restaurants with friends, food has always been a very convivial and personal thing for me.  During my time in New York, my relationship with food started evolving and deepening.  I became involved with various food education and food justice non-profits, cooking with kids, and working in community gardens.  I joined a CSA and my love for fresh fruits and vegetables soared - I started to cook.  A lot.  That was what turned me around.  

My love for food as a source of pleasure turned into a love for food as a source of healing, restoration, and energy.  With all the cooking I was doing, I felt like a new person, and I wanted to understand why food was making me feel this way.  This is how my path to becoming a nutrition and health nerd began.  I moved from New York to San Francisco in 2012, and enrolled in the Nutrition program at Bauman College in Berkeley.  

I have been navigating my way through my own path to optimal health. As a busy marketing/advertising professional, I understand the barriers because I have experienced them myself - and still do.  Personally, the barriers are always there - temptations of the fastest and easiest food, lack of time, lack of resources, lack of information - and they always will be.  But I always strive for awareness and balance, and encourage my community to do the same.